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Releasing the Minions

Last Friday I was made aware of the fact, that Flash banner programming is still relying on ActionScript 2 these days.

That’s presumably due to the extra 0.05% of users you can reach, who have the same computer since 3 years and never cared to upgrade their Flash Player in all that time. Exactly the kind of people who will spend gazillions of money on the product advertised.

Anyway, since you can’t really alter industry superstitions, you just have to deal with it. Currently TweenNano is the best thing out there for AS2, if you want things to keep small. However TweenNano is really quite poor in features. It lacks chaining and many other things you’d normally want. All that at 2KB for AS2.

While I do approve the work of the greensock team and especially the effort to maintain an AS2 port of their tweening suite, I think this is one of the major problems of TweenNano for AS2: It’s a port from AS3. It is therefore unnecessarily clumsy.

Personally, when it comes to AS3 and tweening, I am a HUGE fan of eaze, which was created by Philippe (one of the creators of FlashDevelop). Why? Well it keeps its own promises: “Eaze Tween: smart, fast, chainable and compact Flash AS3 tweening library”

What more could you possibly want? That’s right: An alternative for AS2.

This is why I decided to create Minion, as in “mini animation library”. It’s still a little raw, but it packs quite a punch at only 1.5KB file size (for the core engine) and it puts the fun back into tweening, if not for its features, then for its evil nature: Just imagine you’re an evil overlord and your animations are carried out by a bunch of servile creatures. Muahaha!!

Have fun with it 😉


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