Thoughts on Programming

It has been recently (i.e. a few months ago) pointed out to me, that my blog is kind of empty. I was pleasently surprised to hear, someone cared. 😀

Well, I have been reflecting a lot on programming lately, looking at various other languages, after I had given up efforts to create my own, as well as frameworks, not having given up those efforts yet. I have looked at different paradigms, best practices, common practices, philosophies and concepts. What I found out, is that there’s a general lack of clear definitions on the web and there are many approaches that are mistakes. As a consequence, I have decided to fill the void, which I am hopefully not the only one to perceive. 😉

I am proud to announce, that from this day on, I intend to pester the world with my dilettantish thoughts on programming. This will include concrete principles and concepts, as well as some “deep” spiel (much like this post), intended to explain, why I deem this and that approach of high importance. I think, it is important to see a purpose in what you do, and should you be looking for one, maybe I can help you at least a little.

In the scope of this announced series of posts, programming and software development shall be used interchageably. That’s because I

  • will only focus on programming for the purpose of software development
  • intend to postulate principles, which transcend all layers of software development, right from design down to implementation,
  • think programming cannot be thought of as just coding (i.e. writing code). Any time it is, the results are usually useless crap.

Apart from stealing your time with this announcement, I’ll try to maintain some sort of table of contents in this very post, to provide some sort of structured overview to an otherwise chaotic stream of vaguely related posts.

I hope you enjoy reading, what I have to say, and pick up a few helpful things.



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